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The Importance of Wellness Exams

We all know that pets need plenty of attention, nutritious food, and a loving home, however, there is another essential component of pet care: Regular Wellness Exams. Just as you see your doctor each year for a physical, you should also bring your furry friend into The Cat & Dog Hospital of Portland for annual check-ups with a veterinarian. The goal of annual exams are preventative care and early detection of disease.

Thorough Physical Exam

Part of any exam is a thorough full body exam.  The doctor will exam all the organs and systems and make recommendations depending on the findings.  The doctor will make preventative care recommendations regarding necessary vaccines, flea and tick control, intestinal parasite control and lab testing recommendations depending on your pet’s exam, age and lifestyle.

Early Disease Diagnosis

Another reason for regular visits is to diagnose diseases in the early stages. Animals are notorious for hiding symptoms of many common diseases.  It is important to run routine bloodwork to check for serious diseases such as hyperthyroidism and renal insufficiency.  When disease is identified and treated in the early stages, the length and quality of your pet’s life is improved.

Providing Recommendations

Bringing your pet in for their wellness exam is a great opportunity for you to ask your veterinarian any questions you have recently about your animal’s health and care. Let your veterinarian know if you have noticed any changes in activity, appetite, bowel movement, thirst, urination and/or behavior.  
Call (503) 235-7005 today to schedule a wellness exam at The Cat & Dog Hospital of Portland to ensure your pet lives the healthiest and happiest life possible!