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Veterinary Preventive Care

Comprehensive Physical Exams


Our doctors and staff are trained in understanding cat and dog behavior and we use this knowledge to evaluate your pet. Our staff will ask you about your observations about life at home, habits, and any changes in your cat’s behavior that may have occurred. All of this information creates a comprehensive picture of your pet’s general health. Since pets age 5-7 times faster than we do, we recommend a comprehensive physical examination every 6 months.


We know how important your beloved pet is to you and your family. Accidental losses can be devastating. Whenever possible, we recommend that a microchip be placed under your pet’s skin in the event that identification is necessary. These chips are registered for you by our staff. Universal chip readers are found everywhere–pet stores, veterinary establishments, and shelters. We will supply you with the website address so that your personal information can be kept up-to-date.

Parasite Protection

We live in an environment where certain parasites flourish, particularly fleas and mosquitoes. All of our pets should be protected from these preventable infestations. We recommend that our cat and dog patients have year round protection regardless of lifestyle since exposure is too common not to do so. Our doctors will help you decide what specific protection is best for your pet.

Nutrition Recommendations

Your Mom probably told you “you are what you eat” and this also rings true for pets. Each cat or dog may have different nutrient requirements based upon lifestyle, age, and health. There is no perfect food for every pet and yours deserves a customized consultation to help you make the best choice. Our doctors and technicians are here to help.

Behavior Counseling


Sometimes your pet’s behavior can appear mystifying or even frustrating. Our staff will work with you to understand your cat’s behavior. While some behavior can seem like abnormal choices, health or environmental enrichment issues can be the cause. We always start with a comprehensive  physical exam and plan from there based upon the conclusions we reach with you.

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​Laboratory Tests


Sometimes health problems are not clearly evident on physical examination and more information is necessary to “get to the bottom” of a symptom. For example, many different conditions can cause weight loss in adult cats. Finding the nature of a troublesome symptom can be key to its resolution. In addition early problem detection before symptoms are even noticeable can be very important for a creature who keeps secrets so well. Laboratory tests like a complete blood count or a urinalysis may be your doctor’s best tool for a positive outcome. Minimizing the risk of anesthetic procedures or surgery is a second reason for performing additional laboratory tests.

Diagnostic Testing



Vaccines are meant to protect cats and dogs from communicable diseases, just like the flu vaccine you are encouraged to get each year. During a typical comprehensive exam, we will discuss your pet’s lifestyle and make recommendations based upon your particular pet’s risk of exposure. We will clearly outline our thinking so that you understand which vaccines are appropriate and why.

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Preventative Care Plans

We offer “tailor-made” veterinary preventative care plans that you and your veterinarian will build for your pet’s specific needs. You will choose what items will be in your pet’s plan for the upcoming year and then set the price.

All Wellness Preventive ​Care Plan clients will receive the services provided at a 10% discount and can pay for the services in 12 monthly installments, interest-free. This means that you can spread the cost of your new pet’s spay or neuter or your adult pet’s dental cleaning over a 12 month period.

Every Wellness Preventive Care Plan offered includes all necessary examinations, vaccines, laboratory tests, and other services essential to protect your pet against illness and disease. The plan is designed to provide additional services like routine dental cleanings, dental radiographs, and more extensive blood work.  Our goal is to keep your pet healthy and happy during the prime years of their life.

There is an additional one-time enrollment fee to join Petly.