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Cat Feng Shui Rules

Cat Feng Shui RULE #1 –
Litterbox Number. In multi-cat households, one of the best ways to create a peaceful environment is to provide an appropriate litter box set-up. Various factors should be considered, the most important being the number of boxes. As a rule of paw, 1 litterbox per cat + 1 (example: 2 cats = 3 litterboxes). And from a cat’s perspective, multiple litterboxes right next to each other are considered ONE box. Thus, it is also important to have the right number of boxes in various locations.

Cat Feng Shui RULE #2 –
Vertical Space. Cats are predators by nature. Thus, cats feel the safest when they can survey their surroundings. This is often best done from a lofty place. Examples include tall six food cat trees, window perches/ledges, shelves designed specifically for cats, top of kitchen cabinets, etc. There should be designated vertical spaces for each cat in the household to prevent stress or competition for the desired vertical spot.

Cat Feng Shui RULE #3 –
Scratching. Scratching is a natural behavior for all cats and gives them pleasure. Discouraging scratching with punishment can lead to unwanted behavior such as inappropriate litterbox use or aggression. Cats are not trained well with discipline. It is most effective when undesirable behavior is redirected toward an appropriate object like a scratching post. All cats have a preference for THEIR most desirable scratching surface. Most prefer tall, sturdy vertical surfaces. When I say tall, I mean as tall as your cat can stretch from front paw to back paw. The most common scratching surfaces are carpet, sisal rope or corrugated cardboard. You will have to try them all on for size to determine which your cat prefers. Unfortunately, if you do not provide the right one (size and substrate), they will find their own (often a beautiful couch).

Written by, 
Dr. Korf